Welcome! So, what do I have to say, anyway?


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Over my lifetime, I have had 7-8 blogs. Someday, maybe, if that sounds interesting, I will throwback some posts and maybe even share the precious secret URLs with you. I have always loved writing, even when it was tainted by an uninteresting paper throughout my years of schooling. I love being creative in that way, crafting words just perfectly to convey a thought, idea, feeling, or story, fictional or not.

I started out with questionable handwriting in Lisa Frank notebooks, and moved to pages and pages of notebook paper with fictional stories. I took writing classes, I read about writing, and I learned to set up a fiction novel by spending hours writing every quirk of my beloved main characters and writing plot outlines. True confession, I even tried my hand at fan fiction in middle school. More on that probably never, it’s the most embarrassing period of my writing life.

During middle school and high school, I discovered the interactive fun of an online platform.  I had 4-5 blogs. One was named something like “The Hundred Acre Wood” because I thought that was cute, I’m not sure what I wrote there, honestly. Then I discovered Tumblr. I had one main blog, with passive aggressive and vague comments about my life, and endless rebloggging that included pictures of puppies and babies, cute clothes, Harry Potter, and beautiful places I dreamed of traveling to. On that same platform, I had a blog I posted on while I read through the New Testament one year, and another called “me eighteenth year”, which was actually my nineteenth, the year I was 18 years old. Math < writing. I tried my hand at monthly favorites, awkward and awesome posts, Instagram compilations, and that sorta thing.

I eventually moved to Blogspot, writing on “Some Things to Write Home About”, the most popular site at the time for “real” blogging. A friend designed my site, and I blogged there very inconsistently throughout my time at college. I tried my hand at recipe posts, blogged through my study abroad experience in Greece, and continued the usual fun of sharing my favorite things, current playlists, and the occasional post that got a little more real, like a response after the Boston marathon bombing.

As I wrote in my 2016 post, this is a time of transition. I have grown a lot through all these years. 4 or 5 months ago, I began itching to write and blog again. On September 6th, words poured out of me after a conversation with my best friend, in a piece I wrote about authenticity. It was fun, a raw and sassy post about something really serious that I was wrestling through in my own heart. I can’t wait to share it with you.

On this blog, I will post when I have something to say. Some days, it might be that I made up a new recipe, and I say you ought to try it! Other days, it might be raw and emotional. I might share pictures and document any adventures I go on. I am going to be posting 16 book reviews throughout the year, to go along with my new year’s resolution. It can be a little weird to put something out there on the internet that has a page entitled “about me.” It can feel weird to say “Hey, everyone, I have thoughts and feelings that might make you think or encourage you, my voice is worth hearing.” It is not weird because my voice isn’t worth hearing, but because everyone’s is worth hearing. I’m just throwing out some words on a website, working hard to make it a place that expresses who I am and what I’m learning, is fun to read, and encourages someone once in a while.

It took me weeks to come up with the title of my blog. I love the word rhythms, and have learned to appreciate what is habitual, and whatever comes at us in life and joins our everyday moments. I am also learning a lot about celebration, and pointing to significant moments in life and expressing thankfulness and joy in light of what God is doing, and how wonderful so much of life is. So there we have it, rhythms of celebration.

I am excited for the possibility. I actually worked for hours throughout the last few months trying to get a real domain name, site host, cute theme, and all that… but it kept failing or getting too expensive. Okay, God… I hear ya. let’s just keep it simple for a while. Good plan. Better than mine, as always.

Welcome to the Rhythms of Celebration.


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