2016 Rhythms | January + February


This year is already flying by. I am almost halfway into my last semester. Here are some things that have happened in the last two months, including some insta, snapchat, and never-before-seen iPhone shots. This is a trial run for this type of post. I’m a little worried that it will be boring, so let me know what you think!



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Ended Christmas break in NH with Ellen visiting, partying it up with Zach, Kellyn, Kylie, and other pals until we had to head back to the city on an early flight out of Boston, which was a tiny bit rough but SO cheap.

New year, fresh start, goal setting, new planner.  Love that stuff.

ResLife Winter Retreat, where we hung out with other RAs for a few days, meeting on campus daily, preparing for the semester. I learned a lot from our speaker, and was refreshed by times with friends. Transfer students arrived, none on my floor, but it’s always fun to see new faces experiencing Moody for the first time.

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So much time with friends. This was much needed. Also, Ellen and I got besties mugs and she taught me how to make homemade magic shell.

LAST SEMESTER. Senioritis is setting in. Wrote a post about this strange and wonderful season of life. 

Classes: Only taking 12 credits, thank the Lord. Senior Seminar, Abnormal Psychology, Spiritual Theology, and Apologetics.
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Last semester with my gnomes. Feeling all the emotions about that. Also, look how CUTE we are!!


So much cooking! I have been attempting lots of new recipes these last two months. Other days, I’ve been sticking to my staples- smoothies, pasta with pesto, veggies/chickpeas/rice, sweet potatoes, frozen tamales, avocado toast. It’s a fun adventure cooking in a dorm.



Yoga. Attempted Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga Camp, but life got in the way. Even so, I did more yoga than I would have without a goal in mind, so it was good stuff.

Resolutions? Caring for myself, half way through one book. That’s my simple update, I’m feeling good about it.

Went to the Art Institute with Bro/Sis. We had a scavenger hunt, my bro-RA dressed up like Waldo, and we had a grand ol’ time.

Founder’s Week. Listened to 14 sermons in a week, it was encouraging, but also plain EXHAUSTING.

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Went to the Field Museum for the first time even though I’ve lived here almost 4 years! It was fun. I met Sue, this ginormo dino.

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Ellen and I escaped to the suburbs the weekend after Founder’s Week for a much needed time of fun, rest, food, and shopping.

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Do-Rite Donuts. 


Every Tuesday, two friends and I visit a nearby nursing home and hang out with the residents there. Sometimes we read, sometimes we sing or listen to music, sometimes we play bingo, sometimes we watch interesting movies they have on for them, and we do a lot of talking! Many of the patients on the floor we visit have dementia, so we have very interesting conversation. It is very rewarding, even though we are required to go.

Some of my friends hosted a Galentines Brunch, which was the most fun.

Not going to lie, The Bachelor has been one of the highlights of the semester. Unlike this picture, I usually watch it live in a lounge in my dorm with a group of girls, and we comment the entire show, it’s so fun! If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen my passionate live tweeting.

My cousin Kaylee came to visit, and we walked around 3.5 miles all over the city, lots of it with Ema, seeing and eating everything there is to see.

Ellen and I spontaneously decided to drive to the suburbs for an Oscar party on a Sunday afternoon, and it was a really good decision to rest and have a fun mini-road trip.

Now I’m counting down the days to spring break… 3 more to go!
P.S. I am struggling with the formatting of this post, and I have no idea why! Please excuse the lines everywhere, I figured that would be better than having all the text squashed together. Thanks for reading!

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