throwback thursday | graduation, wedding, and #housewifelife 

Wrote this post in July and it never saw the light of day… here are some snapshots of last summer!

l i f e   u p d a t e


Goodness, I could, and probably will, write a blog post about all that my four years at THE Moody Bible Institute taught me. I have been changed by Moody, not only by my education, though certainly that, but also by the people, by Chicago, and by the experiences God gifted me with during my years there. So thankful. And I’m so happy I’m done.

My family was able to make it for the whole graduation weekend. We had the best time eating and laughing our way through the city, including a Cub’s game and my first post-grad drink, then they helped me pack up boxes and boxes of stuff and get my floor ready for its end of the year inspection. Those lovely people were moving furniture, doing dishes, revacuuming rooms, and keeping me sane during the process of closing s dorm, which was also the close of my role as an RA, one of the greatest privileges during my time at Moody.


With my stuff piled, Tetris style, in the back of Felicia, our family’s beloved RAV4 (okay it’s mostly Kylie’s), we were off. My dad and I left the city, with me in happy, sad, and thankful tears, saying goodbye to the place I called home for four years. Our journey as exciting! We went through a few Midwestern states then drove through Canada, which, surprisingly, is a very convenient way to get from Illinois to New Hampshire.

We went to all the essential chains, like Culver’s and Tim Horton’s. We made a list of the wildlife we saw on the road (no moose, I was disappointed), and counted how many Walmarts we saw. We almost had to pay a bunch of money in Quebec to get our car checked out when some useless plastic thing fell off our car, but we avoided that. And finally, we drove back into NH, another emotional moment, and there we have it folks! I’m back.


Uh, yeah, that was the best day of my life. Everything went perfectly (okay not everything, but most of the issues I was unaware of). I got to spend plenty of quality time with so many of my favorite people, especially my bridesmaids, even a couple who travelled on planes because they love me. Best. Family and friends came from everywhere, the weather was literal perfection, the ceremony was amazing, and then we ate pizza and partied. Seriously, best day of my life.


After our honeymoon in Newport, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, we finally got to live in our apartment together! We have been settling in, filling it up with furniture, and making it home. This has included some epic target runs and an impressive IKEA adventure with my my bro-in-law and sis-in-law, and we’ve been loving it. We are also loving the town we live in, with trains running right through it, a gorgeous river, and a walkable Thai restaurant (dangerous).


Okay, but just for now. I am currently on the job hunt, so I’ve been chilling at home most days, which is totally fine with me. I’ve had a ton of projects to do at home, including moving the rest of my stuff in, organizing, cooking, cleaning, decorating, and just enjoying a little break after a crazy season of life. #housewifelife


update: if you missed it, I did eventually get a job as a nanny and have been working since August.

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